BonziWORLD logo. I may have taken "inspiration" from WinXP.


Last minute shit, this TOS is an entire joke. You aren't risking your life, and it's impossible to get IPs from users (unless someone uses a man in the middle attack because this site uses http) Welcome to Bonziworld! This is a real time gorrila chat (the "platform") and lets people chat whatever they want without much limitations (the "service"). This service and its is provided "as is", and a failure to comply to the service will result in a ban, permanent or temporay.
  1. BonziWORLD is not responsible for its user's behavior. Everyone can post any image, video, text, audio, or link that they want. BonziWORLD is not liable for any damages that its users do (or the service itself does), including but not limited to, hearing loss, epsilespy, death, or doxxing. If someone does violate the EULA, right click and mute them. We, the service, will probably not take action against these people and are not required to.
  2. By agreeing to these terms, you will not:
    1. Harras any user
    2. Cyberbully and stalk any user not deserving of cyberbullying and stalking
    3. Say "behh"
  3. By saying "behh", you are letting BonziWORLD and its users have access to, including but not limited to, you or your family's location, IP adress, email password, all your birth certificate information, or ownership to all your real estate. We can not garuntee that BonziwORLD or its users will use any of this information for the wrong purposes.
  4. I do not own BonziBUDDY and do not claim to. This has an MIT license just look that up if you want details you can view, steal, modefy any assets of BonziWORLD.
  5. By joining a room, you agree that you are over the age of 16 even though 99% of our audience are 12. Failure to comply will result in a ban.
  6. By joining with a Vpn to evade a ban, you will have the same things happen to you if you said "behh".
  7. By agreeing to these terms,you agree that they can change any time and you will agree to the latest version (it will notify you when the terms change)
  8. BonziWORLD does not make any money and probably never will. You will not make money off this BonziWORLD with bots else we will cut your balls